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Clamping Racks

The versatile Clamping Rack is designed to increase gluing capacity while ensuring high quality glue joints.  The Clamping Racks heavy-duty construction incorporates 6 levels and is available in 2.400 metres, 3.500 metres and 4.500 metres. 

The Clamp can be fitted with a Speed Handle for manual tightening or with Hex Nuts for tightening with a nut runner.


Rack Mounting Plates
The Clamps on Clamping Racks have Rack Mounting Plate fitted. The mounting plate are designed to ensure smooth and fast adjustment of the Clamps position.

The Rack Mounting Plates can be changed to the Multi Station Mount Plate when upgrading to a Multi Station Rotating Clamping System

Hold Down Bars
Hold Down Bars can be used when gluing thin panels to hold the panels flat and prevent the panels from buckling during tightening. The Hold Down Bars are easily placed on to the clamps and has height adjustment to suit varying thickness. The Hold Down Bars can be used on the Clamping Rack and Multi Station Rotating Clamping System.

Extender Rocker Plates
Extender Rocker Plates can be used to increase the clamping height while maintaining even pressure on the face of the timber and can be used on the Clamping Rack and Multi Station Rotating Clamping System.

The Extender Rocker Plates are available in three sizes increasing clamping height up to 180mm high. ER100 increasing the Clamp height from 70mm to 120mm (is designed for the Multi Station Rotating Clamping System), ER120 will increase the Clamp height from 70mm to 140mm and the ER150 will increase the Clamp height to 180mm.

Weldline Engineering Pty Ltd maintains a constant program of product research and development and retains the right to change specifications without notice.  It is recommended that the prospective purchaser ensure that this web site correctly identifies the products described herein. 
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